Restructuring of the Registry and Notary services of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Angola

The project has as a goal the restructuring of the areas of maintenance, support and development of the applications, systems and computer equipment in the services of the Registries and notary, as well as of the Unique Office of the Company of MINJUSDH. The services aim to meet the objectives of the National Development Plan 2018-2022 and serve the following systems:


  • Maintenance of computer applications implemented in DNRN services at national level, namely SIRC - Integrated Civil Registry System, SIRP - Integrated Real Estate Registry System, SIRCOM - Integrated Commercial Registry System, SIN Integrated Notarial System, Application of Procedural Management of the Guichet Single Business, Car Registration, File Name Social, in all services of MJDH.

  • Development and Implementation of a Helpdesk solution, with the aim of providing national support of all DNRN services.

  • National maintenance of all existing software and hardware in the DNRN services.

  • Development and Implementation of a new solution for File Name Social.

  • Operation and Maintenance of the existing Data Centre.

  • On-Job Technical Training to MJDH employees.

  • Audit all existing software and hardware platforms in the DNRN services.

  • Logistical standardization of all existing computer equipment in the DNRN services.

  • Implementation of operational methodologies aimed at improving user satisfaction in DNRN services.

  • Implementation of SLA controls and KPIs in the services provided.