Plan for the INSS Modernization and Institutional Development of Angola

In a national reconstruction scenario, DGM was responsible for the implementation of large projects and programs aimed at developing the National Institute of Social Security, focusing on the sustainability index of the system, increasing the base of taxpayers and beneficiaries, improving services and benefits and service to the population. In this process, several actions were implemented, with emphasis on the INSS Institutional Development and Modernization Plan.

Thanks to our modernization strategy, INSS has become a model to be followed in providing services to the population, whilst raising the Institute's performance levels to standards reached by the best international institutions.

The INSS reached a progressive increase in the coverage of workers and, hence, an increase in the number of people protected by Social Security services. At the same time, the Institute has also registered significant technological advances, incorporated operational support tools and significantly improved its management processes, with gains in speed of response and a high improvement in the perception of quality regarding the provision of services by employees and users.

The DGM SISTEMAS carried out:

  • The Organisational Structure of the INSS
  • Revision and updating of social security legislation in Angola
  • Preparation of actuarial studies and development of computer systems
  • Qualification of technical staff, including training overseas
  • Implementation of the Assistance Agencies in the provinces
  • Supply of all computer equipment
  • Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Implementation
  • Design and installation of data and electrical networks (local and remote)
  • Selection and supply of employees
  • Training of the Institute's staff
  • Digitization, indexing and processing of the processes for the granting social security benefits and pensions
  • Operational support for all Institute management activities
  • Development and maintenance of Management Systems
  • Creation of customer service channels
  • Public awareness campaigns about the Social Security importance and benefits
  • Management of the IT area for granting social security benefits
  • Management of the IT area to control financial revenues
  • Management of documents and the general archive

From 2011 onwards, all the works implemented by the National Social Security Institute were carried out by Angola Prev, a company created by the spin-off of DGM Sistemas, created specifically to work in the area of Social Security.