Development and Management of Identity Card Issuance and Criminal Records of Angola

Within the context of the National Reconstruction and the modernization of public services, the reformulation of the Identity Card Issuance and Upgrade of the Criminal Records are significant achievements of the Government of Angola.

One of the most advanced Identity Card issuance programs in the world.

DGM Sistemas led this process between 2009 and 2017, achieving the goal of broadening access to Identity Card and Criminal Clearance Certificates, making them available to all Angolan citizens in an easy, fast and secure way, regardless of their geographical location in the national territory.

Since 2009, more than three million Identity Cards and one million Criminal Clearance Certificates have been issued, based on a state-of-the-art technology system.

The Identity Card is an optical memory card with laser printing, one of the safest ever produced worldwide. The high-tech issuance and printing technology is set up in environments that allow for the real-time collection and verification of citizens' fingerprints, photographs and archived documents.

The new Identity Card and Criminal Record Issue System is centrally installed in a state-of-the-art Data Centre created specifically for this project.

In addition to the technology platform, the project included:

  • Logistics and distribution network of equipment and human resources in all departments of the Ministry of Justice, at national level;
  • Training actions for hundreds of officials of the Ministry of Justice
  • Digitization of more than 20 million images, corresponding to part of the Identity Card collection and to the entire Criminal Records archive.