Civil Identification

The DGM Sistemas acts in the field of Civil Identification and, among other services, we highlight our broadexpertise in the areas of design and implementation of biometric identificationprojects, issue of identity cards, civil registries and passports.

In the area of Civil Identification in Angola, DGM Sistemas participated in the implementation of the Program for the Reformulation of Identity Card Issuance and Upgrade of Criminal Records.

These projects are two important credentials for DGM Sistemas for the development of integrated solutions that include:

  • Design and management of the entire Program
  • Development of computer systems
  • Creation of database interoperability system with other governmental institutions
  • Implementation of more than 200 Issuance Stations throughout the country (fixed and mobile)
  • Digitization and indexing of old Identity Card processes
  • Digitization and indexing of 300,000 judicial records, equivalent to more than three million images
  • Implementation of Issuance Stations in Embassies and consulates
  • Management of citizen service processes
  • Public awareness campaigns for the issue of Identity Cards
  • Issuance and delivery of more than eight million Identity Cards and more than three million Criminal Records
  • Supply of all the computer equipment of Issuance Stations
  • Data Centre implementation and management
  • Management of the Angolan biometric identification database