DGM Sistemas

The DGM Sistemas companies have headquartered in Luanda and have extensive experience in Africa, where they participate in important structuring projects, especially in Angola, in the areas of Planning, Management, Development, Technology and Systems mainly applied in the areas of Civil Identification, Social Security and Health.

The DGM Sistemas companies offer complete solutions, in order to cater for the most different areas related to each project that it implements.

Based on strategic planning, management and infrastructure actions, including human resources, marketing and communications, the DGM Sistemas commits itself to the results of each service, from its initial design, always prioritising the implementation of integrated solutions, as well as to carry out the monitoring of results and perform the necessary improvements,a feature of all projects of high complexity.

The DGM Sistemas invests heavily in training, qualification and knowledge transfer to institutions and local staff. Currently, 95% of our staff members, from a total of 600 employees, are Angolan nationals.

The DGM Sistemas operates with several partners with recognised technological expertise, namely UNISYS, MTDHouse, Microsoft, IBM and Accenture.

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